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I’m flying to the US tomorrow to spend the next week with clients Reality Digital and for a couple of new business meetings. Given the time difference and the inevitable conversations with the UK, it’s always a long day – but one of the interesting elements that I’ve noticed the last few times I’ve been away is that I manage email completely differently whilst abroad. Once over the jetlag and living relatively normally in the local time zone, when I pick up emails I tend to download most, if not the entire contents of a days worth of mail in one go, and then manage it all in one relatively short sitting.

Obviously this makes perfect sense from a time-management perspective but the nature of PR is simply given to being as permanently available as possible which lends itself to being on email all day every day, although I know it’s in some ways more time-consuming that necessary and therefore counter productive.

Still, if only for a week or so, I’m looking forward to enjoying the increased thinking/talking/doing time and being a little less email centric. Perhaps this time when I come back I may be able to put into practice a new ‘twice a day’ regime. Somehow, I doubt it…

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