Feeling Settled…

Parenting, Rugby

So, it’s been a long week. With three (now two) weeks to go before baby due-date, I’ve had a pretty lousy chest infection this week, which flattened me from Wednesday onwards. Two trips to the doctors in four days, a course of antibiotics and another of steroids later, I’m now feeling a bit better, which is fortunate because I’m now not the only one at home unwell, with my daughter currently sounding like she’s smoking forty a day…

Weirdly, I had a huge row from the doctor, who told me in no uncertain terms to take time off immediately. Was quite strange but I guess I needed to be told.

So, as it’s now the fourth consecutive day of being at home, I’m feeling quite settled, watching yesterday’s rugby on Sky plus in front of a fire at 8am Sunday morning. On the basis that a trip to a fireworks display is looking unlikely this year for various obvious reasons, I bought a few which we let off last night – always one of my annual highlights.

I also spent about 4 hours yesterday on the web and seem to have nailed Christmas shopping for friends, family, the team at work and clients in one fell swoop, which is a great weight off my mind given the impending changes. Just presents for the two, soon to be three, ladies that I cohabit with – one of which may well be someone’s first bike, which we’re going to go to Rutland water to take a look at today…

Incidentally, we’re just starting to work with Birmingham Restaurant Chez Jules, which I’ve not been to previously but, depending on how things pan out over the next few weeks and our availability early December, is a strong contender for a the Punch team’s Christmas parties in Birmingham.

Incidentally, we’ve just got a new PR Consultants page on the Punch site.

Will The Credit Crunch Sign The Death Knell For Blu-Ray’s Plans For Christmas ’08 Domination?


Every-year, we hear that it’s going to be a (insert tech product becoming mainstream here) Christmas – and this year, many have predicted it to be the turn of Blu-ray as the winner of the two HD DVD formats.

Personally I can’t see it. Whilst retail economists are still predicting a significant December spending spree, in stark contrast to October, November and, as ever, January, surely people who are thinking long and hard about their finances are going to settle for their trusty ‘lo-tech’ DVD players for just that little bit longer?

Personally, intrigued though I am, I can’t see that the incentive outweighs the cost of upgrade, for the time being at least.

Mind you, that might be because I’m something of a ‘late early adopter’. I never seen to muster up the courage to pay really top whack for new tech when it first comes out and eventually go for it on the eve of the inevitable price drop (happened twice in the last few years)…