Five Weeks – And Counting

So, our second little person (another girl, so we’re led to believe) is now going to be here in around five weeks. The house is in complete disarray, tempers are frayed, Annie – currently 3 ½ – wants to know when her sister is coming out and none of us are getting enough sleep.

Having done this once already you’d think that it would be much easier this time but, given what has changed in my life since last time, I guess last time I wasn’t juggling quite the same agency work-demands with that of a three year old (not to mention Emma herself, obviously).

I broke the news to the team yesterday that we might be calling on their services if she does come early and unexpectedly, whilst I’m away from home. I’ve not seen so much excitement amongst everyone ever – there was much talk of hot towels, where to park at hospitals and general flapping, hilarious. (I’m sure there must be a joke here: “How many Public Relations Consultants does it take to deliver a baby…” or something)

So, top of my to do list is to make a one page action plan with contact details in case the girls are all out and the boys are left in charge. I really hope it doesn’t come to that…