We’re Hiring

Work has gone ballistic, which is terrific news – in fact I keep getting strange looks from people when they ask how we’re doing and I reply ‘great thanks, we’ve just hired someone new’ with a big grin. Odd given what’s going on in the world I know.

Still, we are looking at a tonne of opportunities at present and although I’m sure that they will not all come off, assuming that some do, we’l be growing again. Hence I’m looking for people that are looking for Midlands based PR jobs at the moment.

On a less work related matter, Annie & I spent the weekend building an igloo. My digital camera’s knackered but we have pics that I will lift when I have a second. Slight issues with the roof (in that it actually looked like a castle ruin, even when built) but it was otherwise a pretty strong effort I feel…

Oh and I’ve just posted an article on Twitter PR on the punch site.