Silicon Valley Update – Day 1.5

Actually I’m going to give up trying to figure out what day it is. As my colleague Ben just pointed out to me, I’ve had 4.5 hours sleep in the last 45 hours, which is a little concerning to be honest.

Pulled up outside Reality Digital’s office last night to find that the building is directly opposite Adobe’s global HQ. More on this, in an official media announcement capacity, in a few weeks time.

The new Macbook Pro’s finally come into it’s own. Apart from the aforementioned nonsense with the charger on the plane – and the fact I despise Entourage (and therefore am using Outlook within Parallels Desktop – the media aspects are terrific. For example using skype with video to call home and check in on the domestic front was both cheap (free) and easy. And a much more pleasant experience than just the usual call. Finally figured out how to cope with ‘forward deleting’ too – guess I should perhaps have read the manual before now.

There’s all sorts of heated talk about a late night tonight. Frankly, if I make it past 6pm, I’ll be pretty happy…

More on the outcome of the day’s PR strategy planning to follow.