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May 16

18 Months of Feeding The Owl

I’ve just hit my 589 day streak on Duolingo. In other words, I’ve spent some time every day, for the last 589 consecutive days, learning one or more foreign languages using the superb Duolingo app on either my phone, tablet or laptop. Having recently broken the 18 month mark (548 days) and now bearing down […]

December 21

Next Year, More Of The Same Would Be Just Fine…

2012 has clearly been an epic year to be British. I’m not someone who feels national pride under most circumstances – with the possible exception of rugby matches, and then I’m more confused about my heritage than anything else – but the combination of the jubilee and the phenomenal success of the Olympics has made […]

October 27

An Early Start

So, it’s that time of year again and after a brief hiatus in 2011, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to my colleagues to join me in having a crack at Movember, in aid of Prostate Cancer, obviously. I have been sporting about ten days or so of beard until this morning and so decided to […]

April 28

Cleaning Up The Mailroom

Over the last decade or so – since we started Punch back in 2003 – the volume of mail coming into my inbox has steadily continued to grow in size year on year, from what now seemed to be very lightweight, to become the ever-demanding, resource-sapping monster that it is today. Like many people, I […]

WordPress Confessional

Forgive me WordPress – it’s been several weeks since my last post, and I feel terribly guilty. It’s true that things are a shade on the busy side, what with trips to Istanbul, Dubai, Sweden and Munich in the last few weeks, on top of recent visits to Moscow, Budapest, Athens and others – but […]

Movember, Week 2

Right, so Movember is now nearing the halfway park. The thing is now looking visible enough to be an irritant for me and sufficiently amusing for everyone else, but it hardly seems worthwhile at this point. Still, it’s been a bit of an icebreaker this week on a number of occasions and I remain game […]

Stimulants & I

So, I’m back to my favourite subject – sleep – once again. Or, at least, the effect of specific stimulants on the quality of my sleep and therefore my life in general. Post-holiday, I’ve now consolidated my abstention of booze with the added sacrifice of caffeine – or at least, caffeine in it’s most potent […]