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November 24

Instagram, Finally

I’ve held off starting my own Instagram channel for a while. Firstly, as a person, I’m far more interested in words than pictures, meaning I just don’t take that many (and I can’t bring myself to either photograph food or take selfies seriously). Secondly, I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. I use […]

Talking Nonsense Since …

Another month, another WordPress theme. This time however I’ve spent some time going through all of this blog’s content – this is post number 94, apparently – creating a range of new categories, tagging each post according to subject matter and integrating the categories as a means of navigation, both to the right in the […]

An Appendix & The Rapid Rise of G+

It’s the end of my first week back after a bit of a shock a few weeks ago when I found late one Sunday night that all was not as it should have been with my appendix. Whilst it was fairly dramatic at the time, what with morphine, paramedics, ambulances, late night hospital visits for […]

Social PR

It’s been a monster of a week – spent monday with a bunch of social media agencies, PRs and brands at the excellent Social PR event, arranged by Luke at Influence People, where I both co-presented a great case study of our work with Sony Ericsson over the last year and then a panel. Also […]


I had a great night last night – visited Restaurant Cavos in Munich – which is apparently famous for Bayern Munich WAG wannabees, particularly on Thursdays (for some reason, best known to people locally). The greek food was great and then they crank the music up. It took a little while for them to decide […]

PR, Search and Social Media Jobs at Punch

On a different point altogether, work is still crazy. Lots of travel and lots of excitement on a daily basis. We’ve just posted a couple of new job ads – as we’re now offering PR Jobs, SEO Jobs and Social Media jobs. If you know of anyone, please do get in touch – recruitment remains […]

Was The Times’ App Really Ready?

Whilst I’ve been playing with The Times’ ipad app since its launch, I think I’ve now reached the conclusion that it’s simply not the best way to read the paper. On the one hand there’s the lack of choice and personal flexibility. Clearly from News International’s perspective, that’s the point – indeed I’m currently subscribing […]


I’m taking perverse pleasure in withholding information this week about our forthcoming team day out. Current guesses range from white water rafting to working at a soup kitchen. None are close. The process of disinformation is particularly satisfying – I’ve casually asked how people feel heights a few times, which has resulted in lots of […]

Hit Pause

The last week or so before holiday is always berserk – and this week has been no different. With three new joiners in the last few weeks, a leaver today and a couple of major new projects onboarding right now, the adage that ‘it’s never a good time’ is perhaps more applicable than normal at […]

Shooting Up

The first two months of the year have shot past – baby Goold is now steaming around everywhere causing trouble, mini Goold is halfway through her second term at school (as a result of which I’ve had to endure the emotionally-charged prospect of her first two school discos) and once again, England are being hopleless […]

Understanding The Distinctions Between Social Communities

I’ve been thinking about and playing with Linkedin a good deal this week, which has made me reflect on the different nature of the my relationships across the three major community-oriented social sites that I use most frequently – ie Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Whilst we’ve written previously about the clear demographic distinctions between social […]

Over & Out

I’ve been pulling back for the last few days and although there are still a few emails to be answered, Christmas is looming – and for the first time in 6 years I’m taking a full two weeks off with the family. Personally I want nothing more than time – spent with the girls and […]

Overseas Email

I’m flying to the US tomorrow to spend the next week with clients Reality Digital and for a couple of new business meetings. Given the time difference and the inevitable conversations with the UK, it’s always a long day – but one of the interesting elements that I’ve noticed the last few times I’ve been […]

What Happens When You’re Permanently Out of Office?

It’s been a long week this week, having trawled the country, from London Monday to Leicester then Liverpool, on to Birmingham and then London again Friday. OK, so I had a day in the office on Wednesday and therefore shouldn’t complain but it has literally been a week of shooting from one meeting to the […]

Just Discovered That You Can Now Post By Email

So, I’m testing out this new feature. Looking forward to a weekend of family life and a huge day of rugby tomorrow. I suspect that this morning’s 5am start heralds more of the same (I found myself watching NHL at 5:15am with the little one) – but there’s lots to look forward to tomorrow, with […]

The Last Stand

Earlier this week I spoke at a regional branch of the Institute of Directors, over breakfast, in front of a small audience of 40 or so, about the power of ‘PR 2.0’ and how it can make a potentially significant impact on the bottom line. Whilst it’s a subject I’m hugely passionate about, this doesn’t […]

New Look, New Home

So, a few weeks ago I moved this blog from it’s former home to this new location, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the software I was using, from a site called ‘edublogs’ was proving extremely painful to use despite being based on WordPress, resisting updates on a seemingly arbitrary basis. Secondly I also wanted […]

Mayfield on Reputation Management

Very happy to hear that my mate Antony Mayfield is writing a book on the rising importance of personal reputation management. The future’s in safe hands.

Heading To Napa Valley

After a long day yesterday at the hugely successful Reality Digital Social Building Blocks ’09 conference, we’re heading out to Napa Valley today for some wine tasting. Just working with colleagues in the UK to put some finishing touches to the frthcming  Social Networking World Forum event that is taking place in London in a […]

We’re Hiring

Work has gone ballistic, which is terrific news – in fact I keep getting strange looks from people when they ask how we’re doing and I reply ‘great thanks, we’ve just hired someone new’ with a big grin. Odd given what’s going on in the world I know. Still, we are looking at a tonne […]


Following the various sting of posts that have followed Stephen Davies of PRBlogger’s list of PR People using twitter a couple of days back, just posted the Punch team’s list of twitter users here. It’s great to see that despite our size Punch ranks in the top ten PR companies in the UK using twitter, […]

Poor Daily Mail Journalism – Why Social Media Works

One of our team has just been interviewed by the Daily Mail and the end result is one of the worst examples of poor Daily Mail journalism that I’ve ever seen. I also took a call from one of the other interviewees last night that said they had been fundamentally mis-represented by the reporters, Diana […]

Playing With The Flip Camera

We’re giving away the 30 minute versions of the new Flip video cameras at a couple of PR events with Punch client Reality Digital next week. They arrived today and first impressions are great. Obviously they’re built primarily for the YouTube generation but their simplicity and lightweight feel actually are definitely part of the product’s […]

Punch Wins Three Clients In Three Days

We’ve just won three PR clients in three days! More to follow

The Trip’s Over (& I’m Out)

Well it took a while but the trip back was pretty painless, what with the complete lack of sleep whilst I was away resulting in a 6 hour crash out on the flight. I certainly can’t pretend to know San Francisco well, having only been twice for around a week in total but, of the […]

Messaging, Check

A long, hard but rewarding day today. Messaging workshop alongside Reality Digital’s US agency, Sterling PR, has been duly cracked. Just time for a quick turn around then out for a bite to eat with the team. Tomorrow will focus more on the UK launch/European roll out. Quite freaked out that CEO of another client […]

Silicon Valley Update – Day 1.5

Actually I’m going to give up trying to figure out what day it is. As my colleague Ben just pointed out to me, I’ve had 4.5 hours sleep in the last 45 hours, which is a little concerning to be honest. Pulled up outside Reality Digital’s office last night to find that the building is […]

Do’s & Don’ts of Blogger Relations

That Canadian Girl has published an interesting piece to offer first person insight and advice for PR agencies regarding some guidelines we might consider when aproaching the blogging community. As per my comment on the post, I think it really boils down to extending some professional and common sense courtesy. To be honest, I can’t […]