Big Week, Big Weekend

We’ve had a huge week at work this week – back to back meeting throughout, or at least, so it has seemed at time. We’ve won two new clients (more to follow on this), one of which is relatively local (Birmingham), which is terrific and as a Midlands PR Agency, is something I’m keen to do much more of.

Anyway, we have friends up this weekend with a daughter the same age as Annie, as well as a one year old son. I put the two girls to bed last night and it was the first time Annie had a real sleepover, with a friend sleeping in the same room. The fact the two of them sat giggling whilst we scoffed our ‘midnight feast’ (at 9pm) and read Mr Men stories was the perfect introduction to my weekend and the first time i’ve properly unwound in a good few weeks. Looks like a day of kite flying, train sets and, probably, pooh-sticks today. Might even squeeze in an hour of watching the rugby too. Brilliant.