Playing With The Flip Camera

We’re giving away the 30 minute versions of the new Flip video cameras at a couple of PR events with Punch client Reality Digital next week. They arrived today and first impressions are great. Obviously they’re built primarily for the YouTube generation but their simplicity and lightweight feel actually are definitely part of the product’s appeal.

Having used a Sony Handycam for a few years alongside the video function on a Canon Ixus, I find that I use the two for completely separate purposes. The Canon (and now the Flip) is ideal for short videos capturing a little 10 second short for example, whilst the Sony record-to-DV feels far more substantial and long term.

What’s most telling is that in several years of shooting video to Mini DV, I rarely if ever find the time to review this footage, whereas the short videos created straight to mpeg format are ideal for immediate playback.

Having created a proper edited video based on mini DV footage twice now (once for a wedding and once when Annie was first born), I’ll definitely keep shooting both for the time being – but I’m loving the immediate gratification of the Flip.