A Double Week

An evident theme of this blog is the recurring fact that I’m continually shattered. Over the last week, my wife has graduated, my youngest has been christened, one daughter has been in hospital and the other has had a four day fever. Coupled with which, Emma’s parents are with us for the week, so whilst our eldest has been poorly I’ve been sleeping in her (suitable for a four year old, TM) bed, whilst she sleeps in mine.

In other words, I’ve gotten to this weekend on fumes.

Tonight though, South Africa play the Tigers at Welford Road. Clearly Habana, Smit, Botha, Matfied, Steyn et al aren’t playing unfortunately but nevertheless it’s something we’ve looked forward to for months now. So, despite being on my last legs, I’m damn well going.

However, I think that this weekend may well have relatively little in store, in order to find my way back to Monday morning in one piece. It seems like only five minutes ago that I was desperate to get to the weekend to expend my energy, now it’s a basic pre-requisite in order to re-charge my batteries.