Finding More Hours

This week my body clock has steadfastly refused to accept local time (Pacific, ie 8hrs behind the UK) to the extent that with two days to go, I really no longer want to acclimatise before turning around and going home.

To be fair it has allowed me to wake up, typically between 4am and 5:30pm each day, get online with the Punch team for an hour or so, call home to my girls, get down the gym and get breakfast before work each day – and still be at the office for 9am-ish.

If I wasn’t so completely aware that at some point I’m going to have to pay for this, I’d be pretty happy about squeezing more hours in.

Anyway, on the upside, I’m writing on the one hour shuttle flight between San Francisco and LA – and the flight attendant has just announced that it’s currently a balmy 83 degrees at our destination.

Unless I misheard of course, which is entierely possible in my sleep- addled haze.