Discoveries To Report

A couple of discoveries to report – firstly I’ve been playing with the new Guardian iPhone App this week.

In short, it’s excellent.

Whilst clearly it’s not going to replace the printed page, I can’t believe how much content you can get for a one off purchase of £2.39. There’s no doubt in my mind that this app will directly affect the frequency with which I buy the paper. So, now they’ve had the equivalent of a few days papers worth of revenue from me as a one off, you’ve got to wonder how it’s sustainable.

Still, as a consumer I love it and have read more articles over the last few days than I have in a while.

On this, I’ve been thinking about buying a kindle, as they have just become available in the UK. I doubt I will, frankly, as I enjoy books too much but tech-intrigue got the better of me this week so I downloaded the kindle app and a first chapter – and have to say that it’s a far better experience than anticipated.

So, I can see me regularly reading articles through both the browser and apps but novels look set to remain a strictly paper-based experience, for now at least.

Finally a couple of other spots. Firstly this crazy story that I picked up whilst browsing the Guardian app – – about a company that’s invented a new punctuation mark to indicate sarcasm.

Secondly, a link to a new website that we’re promoting which sells CTEK battery chargers: