Shooting Up

The first two months of the year have shot past – baby Goold is now steaming around everywhere causing trouble, mini Goold is halfway through her second term at school (as a result of which I’ve had to endure the emotionally-charged prospect of her first two school discos) and once again, England are being hopleless in the six nations.

Work-wise, we’re flying. In the last two weeks we’ve hired an unbelievable three times, part of which compensates for a couple of recent departures but also it’s partly new growth, which is genuinely exciting. Indeed despite having hired a new account director and two new members of the digital team, we’re still looking for another account manager or director.

Morover, recent finance and HR additions mean that Punch is now a fundamentally different entity than it was even a few months back – and hopefully much more robust as a result.

Yesterday (Friday) morning, the team and I seized the opportunity to make some physical changes around the office, effectively to make better use of space but also to do a bit of a spring clean and ensure that the new joiners move into their new roles in the most welcoming environment possible. Having done so, I think the physical changes made a real impression on the team – myself very much included -as it’s a tangible result of the changes that we can all see happening within the company but at times may seem a bit remote from each of us as individuals.

I’m shortly taking the girls on holiday – which is much needed – but which I’m sure will be an interesting marker when coming back, to see us as we now stand, rather than what I’m used to.

Still, I can’t forsee any delusions of grandeur just yet.

Besides, baby and mini G got me up at 5am this morning – and as a result I have some very important business to attend to regarding pink horsey Lego and dressing up as a princess.