Now We Are 6

It’s been a big week at work – but this weekend it’s my eldest daughter’s birthday and we have a ‘disco party’ lined up for tomorrow – with about 35 kids and 20 or so adults coming. Having been to a school disco with her earlier this week, which was enough to bring on a migraine and the cold sweats, I’m tired just thinking about it.

I find that birthday presents are a nightmare – how do you differentiate from the usual stuff that they are fortunate enough to receive on a regular basis? They’re pretty relaxed about things but the only request that we seen to get repeatedly if for either a pony (not happening) or a puppy (hmm). So, yesterday I found that a new toyshop had opened locally and they have a beautiful wooden marble maze kit, which is apparently likely to last a lifetime. What’s more, much like lego, it’s something we can do together, completely on a level with each other despite our 31 year age difference, which is terrific. The little one seems to think that it’s intended to be knocked over the second it’s made – but that aside, it’s hopefully one of those purchases which will be around for years to come.

I can’t even begin to think of what we have to do for the party tomorrow – all I know is that I’ve secured the help of a couple of sturdy friends and I see that I’m going to be spending a lot of time with sandwiches fillings in the next 24 hours.

Now, whatever should I wear?