More Comic Recommendations Required

So, the first hint of snow has started to fall and sure enough, planes, trains and automobiles in the UK have decided to stop functioning. Consequently it looks like this weekend might comprise a fair amount of reading.

I’ve just finished book 7 of The Walking Dead and, at a friend’s recommendation – see below– I’ve bought the first books of Y, The Last Man & Chew to take a look at next.

I’m also going to have a crack at 100 Bullets, The Unwritten, Locke & Key and bash on with the Sandman when I get a few minutes (it’s taking me forever to finish the Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels – although just starting book six, the penultimate one, now).

So, I’m wide open to decent recommendations.

Failing that, I may have to finally unwrap Skate 3, Battlefield and Deus Ex on the Xbox this weekend.

Right, back to thinning out my inbox…