Back on track

I’m back in the office, catching up with mail and missing being at home with my new, family sized, er, family.

I’m loving the fact that it’s December and whilst we’re most certainly not taking our foot off the gas, we have only three solid weeks left before the Christmas break, which means that I’ll effectively have had four weeks off over a seven week period. Unprecedented is an understatement.

Our team of PR Consultants has done a sterling effort of holding the fort over the last few weeks, whilst the rest of the world seems to have fallen apart at an alarming pace. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why the climate seems to have worsened so dramatically but, anecdotally, a number of friends seem to find themselves looking for new employment, household names retailers seem to be about to drop off the high street and people are constantly talking about matters such as the rising price of bacon (due to uncertain pig futures, so I’m reliably informed).

It seems that we’re doing OK, which, by comparison to the rest of the world seems increasingly like fantastic news, particularly for a PR Company. Moreover, our new business pipeline seems to indicate that things are looking good for the foreseeable. Whilst I’m naturally relatively optimistic, I think cautious optimism (and cash conservation) has to be the order of the day for the time being…