Illness Pervades

Things are a little slower than usual on the posting front here at present due to family illness. Nothing serious but it collectively adds up to a massive headache. I seem to have picked up a sickness bug which wiped me out last weekend – fortunately I was fine by Monday morning.

Unfortunately, Emma seems to have picked this up and I came home to find her with a forty degree temperature on Tuesday, whilst looking after three week old Matilda – the sickness equivalent of being ‘drunk in charge of an infant’.

Annie, our other daughter is coughing as though she’s smoking 20 a day for since birth (which, to the best of my knowledge at least, she has not). So, whilst Em’s still recovering and not driving, has put a certain amount of additional pressure on an already overloaded schedule for the last week or so.

Still, the guys seems to be faring super well at work. People are in and out at present, taking the last of their annual holidays to buy presents and relax a little, which is great – although we have won two new clients in the last week, which is incredible given the current climate.

I’ve spent some time this morning on our Christmas party, which incorporates the Punch Team Vodka Challenge – a PR company first to my knowledge. The team is each creating a flavoured vodka to be unveiled at the Christmas party. Kath has negotiated that we can do this at the same venue that we’re having lunch and we’ve even got an impartial judge lined up.

Points are to be awarded for taste, appearance, presentation, concept etc. I have every confidence that mine is going to taste terrific but am slightly worried that it looks like slurry. Still I’m assured that everyone wants a level playing field so there’s a possibility that I might even win the prize (although I’ve yet to decide on the prize. I’ve a feeling it’s only appropriate that it’s alcohol related under the circumstances).