Slowly, slowly

Had a complete lack of time to update here recently, what with both the new little one, domestic illness still raging (and passing between the four of us) and the usual Christmas chaos.

Our tree, which went up on November 30th to be fair, came down today – much to my little girl’s displeasure. I’m about to toss it on the garden fire but am currently waiting for an opportune moment when her back is turned so as not to cause too much heartache.

We’ve had our first real christmas at home this year, which has been terrific. Carols at the children’s service on Christmas eve was hilarious – which I’m not sure was the intention – followed by tantrums and tiaras at the local pub. That’s now a definite, three year confirmed tradition.

Given Em’s hands are tied with a five week old little person, I’ve managed to get back into cooking and even cooked Christmas dinner for the first time. Unfortunately I was worst hit by the lurgy on Christmas day so although I managed to get it to the table, I couldn’t face eating it myself.

Still, the Scalextrix (for Emma, not the children) is stil up, games are everywhere and we haven’t even dented the massive pile of profileroles that we thought would be gone by now.

Despite everypne being ill – I’m loving this Christmas…