Accidental Fatigue Management

It’s been a strange ten days. I anticipated having sufficient time on my hands to blog throughout the trip to San Francisco but aside from three trips to the pool and a party on the Friday night, I don’t think I had a non-work related waking moment. Which is not to say that was a problem – it was a hugely enjoyable trip, which meant that work didn’t seem like work at all much of the time.

On the Wednesday night I attended the inaugural ‘new media drinkup’, which was arranged by Wes Barrow, one of Reality Digital’s locally based business development team. The event was extremely well attended and we met some terrific people, many of which were Wes’ friends and contacts, from the world’s biggest video sharing site (the big Y), to a number of local start ups spanning web apps, clean tech etc. We also managed to find a weird hybrid of beer and champagne that night at a late night debrief in The Mission district of town.

On Thursday we held the Reality Digital Social Media Building Blocks event, from which the team at Perkett, Reality Digital’s US agency, and I liveblogged and posted the news that was unveiled that day to social media sites throughout, whilst also meeting more great people, including the head of news for the largest youth music broadcaster (the big M) in the world and the founder of digital agency, Type3 Digital, which has just set up a San Francisco office.

On the Friday, we headed to Napa Valley for some wine tasting in what was beautiful, glorious sunshine – which was certainly one of the most enjoyable days at work that I’ve spent in recent memory and that night I hooked up again with Wes and another PR contact, Vanessa Camones, founder of The Mix Agency, where we headed to Randi Zuckerberg’s private birthday party (Randi being the sister of Mark, founder of the big F). It’s fair to say that this was a pretty stellar event, with Tim Ferriss in attendance, along with numerous people from the big F and also the big G, along with many others, including the local tech journalists and bloggers, who were all actually very nice, despite some reputations to the contrary.

So, having gotten up early to hop in a cab across town to join hundreds of angry Irishmen and watch the rugby, I spent the remainder of Saturday catching up with the numerous people I had met on the trip via Twitter and Linked In. Somehow, end-of-month related work didn’t seem to stop until the early hours and then I managed to work through the flight home too. It’s fair to say that the last week’s been fairly productive as a result.

Interestingly, I haven’t really been struck (yet) by jetlag from the return journey. Having not slept through the foreshortened night on the trip and managed to keep up until about 8pm on the Monday night and then slept through, I may have pulled off the unexpected and defied the usual shocking levels of east-bound fatigue, if only by accident (through extensive workload) rather than design.