The Danger of Blogging

I found a couple of hilarous links tonight which really highlight the fact that many communicators still seem to view blogging in general – and twitter specifically – as some sort of private, ringfenced activity.

Firstly, there’s the case of the PR exec who seriously upset his clients by bemoaning their hometown and then there was the job hunter who was a little too keen to gloat over a  (later withdrawn) job offer whilst publicly airing his thoughts about the downsides of accepting the role. Presumably it never occured to either person that the respective objects in question would ever see their posts – which is bizarre, to say the least.

Sooner or later, blogging and PR2.0 is going to be accepted as a highly legitimate aspect of reputation management by all, not just those who pay lipservice to it for being the subject matter of choice for the moment.

For the time being though, anecdotes such as these – and the fact that many candidates continue to ignore the fact that their supposedly private life is easily accessible to anyone that cares to look  (as per this release) – simply underscore that even many PR professionals have yet to realise the potential threat that blogging can present to reputations and indeed careers for that matter.