A Real Out Of Office Message

Delighted to be putting my actual out of office message on for the first time in a while as I’m flying to Spain with my girls for a week this weekend. It’s been a crazy start to 2009, we have another new person joining on Monday and are recruiting again.

The great thing is that for the first time since we started the process of building the business, I’m able to head off with some conviction, knowing that I don’t need to check in or take my laptop – which was of course one of the main drivers for building the team in the first instance.

I’m yet to even think about packing (obviously) as this week’s been unbelievable – one 3am finish, two 7am starts and about eight meetings. Looking forward to a return to normality when I get back as the diary’s looking much clearer. The main issue’s going to be recruitment in the short term, so if anyone is looking for PR jobs, please do get in touch (pete at punchcomms dot com).

Not sure whether taking two books with me is ambitious or just pointless – suspect the latter. Am going to try to read the God Delusion finally and am 50 pages into the second Flashman, having recently finished the first.

An early night to bed methinks for the final Herculian push to get the girls to our destination in one piece…