Getting Back On The Horse

This week, I’ve taken the situation in hand and joined a local gym – although I use the term local loosely as it’s 15 – 20 minutes away, which may well present itself as a factor in my attendance at some point in time. Having joined on Tuesday, I’ve found a couple of hours on three occasions now to get along and have to report that despite myself, I’m actually feeling considerably more energetic than this time last week, although my legs in particular are wrecked.

I’m not a massive fan of the gym, preferring to swim instead but the reality of the last two years has been that I’ve led a strangely sedentary life during the day yet physically demanding life outside working hours – with the two combining to exhausting effect. So, having determined to now try to find a little time every few days to re-instigate my swimming regime I’ve instead found myself in a gym.

Strangely, though my goals ten years ago would have been primarily aesthetic, I can honestly now say that the main aim is not actually to look better – although I’ll certainly not complain if that improves, obviously – but instead to be sufficiently fit to run around with the girls at home when the opportunity presents itself, not only now but for the years to come. If I can lose a few pounds in the process then that’s great but I’m genuinely relaxed about it, which is extremely empowering.

So, hoping to take both the girls to the pool this weekend, which will make a very pleasant change to the local municipal pool that we’ve frequented for the last four years. Emma and I may even get an hour together without the girls Saturday night for the first time in a while – given we now get to the cinema about once a year, that’s looking favourite.