Switching Off

Despite being on the losing side – and not thinking terribly positive thoughts about our opponents given some of what went on – yesterday’s match against South Africa was, I think, the best game of rugby I’ve ever seen. Stephen Jones described it, perfectly, in The Sunday Times as ‘epic’. Indeed.

Not sure whether I have cultivated it over the years or it’s always been there but I genuinely don’t care whether my team has won or lost 2 minutes after the kick off. I’ve been to European cup finals on the losing side and been completely indifferent. Equally I’ve been at huge matches where we’ve won and felt the same. For sure I bounce around like an enthusiastic eight year old when in the throes of the game but, unlike my friends who are similarly passionate, I seem to be able to shut it off immediately afterwards. Whether that makes me less of a fan/supporter or not I’ve no idea. Certainly I’m happy to get on with my days afterwards either way. By way of example, the exact same thing happened when watching Andy Murray yesterday.

So, continuing the recently started gym theme, I’ve managed to keep up the momentum, having been back now and am in an every-other-day routine. Whilst I knew I’d stick to it, if only for a few weeks at this level after joining, I’ve actually surprised myself at how much I’m throwing at it. So, another hour or so to be spent there before into work tomorrow for a new business meeting.

I have a funny feeling that google has shifted the playing field a little around mid last week – several of our clients keywords have jumped noticeably in one direction or another. The term Voucher Codes in particular seemed to drop off the radar for no obvious reason (although I’m sure there is one – we’ve just yet to find it). We’re also about to ramping up SEO for Karacha, to promote its Saxophone and Clarinet ranges and a range of Free Widgets to help writers Make Money Blogging, from Imagini, Youniverse’s parent company, amongst others. Oh and I’ve finally gotten around to downloading the other free SEO tools offered by SEO Book tonight.

Just two weeks left before I head off to Cornwall. Not sure whether to take the surfboard this year as I can always rent one when down there, it’s a heap of hassle and with two little people in tow, I’m unlikely to get in the sea more than twice whilst away. Hmm…