Pasties, Cider & A 14ft Swell

We decided to break up the journey down to Cornwall, thinking that 5 hours would probably become 10 through the stops required with two little people in the car. So, we’ve been in-situ since Friday morning.

This time last year the weather was glorious – unfortunately the rain for the first 48 hours this year was torrential – and the BBC’s online report for nearby Padstow was indicating more of the same for the next three days (alternating between ‘moderate’ and ‘heavy’). Yesterday morning seemed to be another rainy day and we were all so brassed off by about 11am we thought we’d head to the beach anyway but in the 15 minutes it took us to arrive the clouds broke and within an hour the skies were blue. I now have a sunburnt neck.

The locals are predicting a 14 foot swell tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to watching from afar (can’t see me getting in the sea more than once this week, if at all, given the logistics required with two children). Still, the ready supply of cockles, mussels, pasties, cider (Thatcher’s Gold) and Ale (St Austell’s Tribute) seems to be making up for it nicely.

Now, if only I can get the little one to stay in bed a shade longer – it’s 7am as I type and I’ve been up for 5 hours. I strongly suspect that the day may hold a nap later on.