The Girls’ Afternoon

It’s been a top day today. At Christmas, I bought my other half and the other girls at Punch some tickets to see Take That at Wembley tonight, knowing full well that I’d have to take the majority of the day off to look after our two girls. As might have been expected, it wasn’t quite ‘off’, taking calls and sending mails all afternoon as usual but it has been very nice just to be with the two of them, despite being extremely hectic.

We did manage to get into town (to Starbucks and then to Waterstones for a couple of new books) which I’m going to claim as no small achievement. Even mealtimes weren’t too bad but I’m hopeless when it comes to putting them down, particularly with our eldest daughter and we just stay up together reading, talking nonsense and watching telly. I’m not used to the 4am kick off time that our youngest is currently challenging us with so on this basis and the fact that I had a 3am finish two days ago, the safe option is to be in bed by 8:30pm tonight. It’s a far cry from my early twenties to say the least…

Pity about Murray today. Still, I’m actually starting to believe in him as a talent.

Finally, I have to mention the goings on surrounding the UK roll out of Google’s brand algorithm this week, which has made for a very interesting couple of days. With one or two exceptions, Punch and it’s clients have come out of this change stronger than before it was implemented – and we’re working on those that have yet to benefit obviously. The challenges which SEO are throwing up really capture my interest and I genuinely think we’re becoming as knowledgeable about this as anyone – and far more than many/most other PR agencies. Moreover, the more time goes by, the more I really do like Google as a brand – which was surprisingly reinforced on reading the in-depth interview with Eric Schmidt in the latest issue of Wired UK, out this week. I’m looking forward to seeing how things pan out/stabilise regarding these recent changes over the next week or so.