10 Years On

Last Friday I left London early and jumped on the train to head to Borth in West Wales for a couple of days with my family, who were there already. Although it was a five hour mission across the country, it was well worth it, not least for the day of seaside sunshine I was greeted with on Saturday, which was followed on Sunday by a couple of hours surfing, with my Dad, which was most definitely good for the soul. Actually, the heavens opened when we were in the sea but as anyone that has surfed in the rain will know, it’s actually one of the few times when being caught out is undeniably enjoyable – although it’s hard to tell exactly why (possibly something to do with it clearing out the beach?).

This week, it’s my tenth (!) wedding anniversary, so my wife’s parents are coming down to look after our girls and we’re leaving them both for the first time for 48 hours to head to Paris, for what I’m sure will be a sleep-fest. Grand plans of dining, drinking and late-night venues have been discussed but I’m pretty confident that we’re both going to be in shock to such an extent that we’ll crash out.

Still, it’s just the two of us, in Paris – and that’s pretty cool.