Noise Pollution

Our eldest daughter’s starting school next Monday and, to make the best of her last few pre-school days, Emma decided to take the girls away for a few days to a cottage in Suffolk. Normally, wild horses couldn’t keep me away but having just taken a fair bit of holiday it just wasn’t practical or possible for me to go. So, this week I’ve been at home for several days without the girls, which has also coincided with a few days of me being slightly unwell, meaning that I’ve literally been at home, rattling about the house all day and night.

Normally, work keeps me occupied for every waking moment outside family life – but for the first time in a while I haven’t actually worked literally around the clock, stopping at 6pm or 7pm most days to do something else, for a few hours at least, before bed.

Although I’m surrounded by books that I’ve been meaning to read for ages and films to watch, I’m just out of the habit of doing something quiet and for myself. I’m driving to see the girls later this evening – just so we’re together for a day or so earlier than we would otherwise be – and one thing’s for sure: I can’t wait to be surrounded by the general chatter and nonsense of family again as quickly as possible.