May 10th: Save The Date

The launch of the iPad in international markets has been pushed back to late May – although apparently this means that both the wifi and the 3G+wifi versions will launch simultaneously (on Orange, Vodafone and O2 apparently).

This week I briefly considered seeing if it was possible to get hold of one from the US and couriering it across – but then read about the many early wifi problems that some users are experiencing. Whilst I’m undoubtedly curious and keen, I guess I may as well not add to any issues through a) breaking my neck to get hold of a US one and b) thereby getting one of the very earliest models whilst will undoubtedly be the most buggy ever sold.

Most interesting this week was the news that Israel has taken to ban any iPads coming into the country, on the basis that the wifi signal remains something of an unknown quantity in terms of signal strength and therefore they believe that it may cause havoc with other equipment. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out as it’s hard to believe that a country would have taken such a radical action if there wasn’t some truth in this.

Apple will begin taking UK pre-orders on May 10th apparently.

In other news, I have found the hard way that the price of import tax on a bunch of teeshirts from threadless probably outweighs the benefit. Hopefully the package’s eventual arrival on Monday will make it all worthwhile.