Bone Dry

I’m now six months in to having been teetotal, which started out as a attempt to have a healthy January and has rolled on subsequently.

Having done this once before, also for about six months, I will confess to feeling pretty good – although not evangelical, which I find pretty irritating – about the benefits of giving up booze and, in my case, it’s just a question of seeing how I feel at any given point. My body doesn’t react well to alcohol generally any more and I was just finding that I was feeling wretched after even one or two drinks of something, so thought it better to knock it on the head for a while.

Quite a few people have recently asked me if I do feel better – the truth is that I simply don’t know. Common sense tells me that I’m undoubtedly better off on a health basis but of course one forgets –
and frankly, I’m pretty tired anyway as whatever extra energy I have still gets invested into my work and my family. Certainly I suspect I’d be feeling a lot worse and would have been far less productive over the last six months if I had also been drinking as it’s been an unbelievable period of growth and development, both for me personally and for the business.

From mid January onwards I can honestly say that I have been completely disinterested – but over the last few weeks I’ve had the odd pang, so suspect I may have a pint again on the village green at some point in the not too distant future. I say blame the hot weather…