Oh, The Irony

I’ve had a bit of a night of it.

Although we have taken our eldest daughter to a couple of festivals (the Big Chill, twice), it’s impossible to take two of them at their age – or at least highly impractical. Nevertheless, every Glastonbury weekend, I try and watch as much of it as I can, both immediately and over the following weeks.

So, there I was last night, sneaking in a bit of a late on to watch Gorillaz superb two hour Friday night set, featuring Lou Reed, Snoop, Mark E Smith, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble etc etc, only to find that when I did try to go to bed, the little one had been up for a while. So, taking over parental duties, we sat together for an hour or so, before decamping from her bedroom to the spare bedroom to try and get some shut eye. At about 1am, she was sick – and I can only think it was in honour of the Glastonbury weekend as, unusually, it only happened the once – and then decided she wanted to play for a bit. Two and a half more hours to be precise.

I gave up trying to get her down again at around two am – so we went and watched Glastonbury for a little longer before she finally keeled over. Block Party’s Kele was a particular gem.

Now Saturday beckons – and it looks like whatever it is has gotten my other two girls. So, i reckon a bit more Glastonbury might just be on the cards this weekend yet.