Typically Dramatic

We’ve decided to come on holiday in the UK rather than going abroad – with all the benefits and risks that are respectively associated.

On the plus side, we haven’t had to travel too far with the little ones. On the downside we’ve had iffy weather all week, with rain all day today for example. To be fair the weather hasn’t been too much of an issue up until now, but as we go into the second week, it might start to wear thin a little if we don’t see a bit more sun.

Still the scenery is beautiful and we’ve been making friends.

We’ve had a bit of drama this week too – as is customary on a Goold family holiday. I was patched up and it’s consequently been nothing more than a minor inconvenience, particularly as the sea has been fortuitously flat since the accident. I would have been a good deal more agitated otherwise.

Right, back to building pink Lego castles and making crepe paper flowers it is then…