Laptop Battery Woes

I’ve bought a new laptop this week, which frankly was a fairly expensive exercise that was primarily to address one issue – battery life.

I bought a spare battery for my current machine for just over £100 a few months ago but it seems to have made minimal difference so obviously the old one wasn’t quite as far gone as I’d thought.

On a few occasions recently I have realised quite what a pain it is to have a two hour battery life. On one occasion in particular I was on the move for eight or so hours as a result of flight delays etc – and, as a result, simply lost about six hours of productivity. Whilst I’m happy to seize the rare opportunities for calm as and when they arise, I really could have done without it on the day in question as it simply meant that when I did arrive at my destination at 1:30am, the first thing i had to do was to plug in and get online, to make good on a promise that I’d made several hours earlier before I realised that I was, literally, powerless to action it.

So, the appeal of the promised 8 hours+ charge on the new machine far outweighs the other benefits (although 35% more on-screen info is not bad either – but not enough to justify an upgrade on its own).

I’ve managed to see out the week without having opened it from it’s shiny wrapper, so Monday morning I’m handing both it and my current machine over to someone that is far less likely to fiddle and break things than I. Sad really, I used to have more time to muck about…