Pour Some Sugar On Me (In The Name Of Love)

I’ve realised that Copenhagen has quickly become my favourite airport. It’s clean, hassle free and, on a good day, I can now go from walking into the building to getting through security in about ten minutes.

Possibly my favourite aspect of the airport though is the Danish guys that await the other side. There’s an airside coffee shop which has put a smile on my face every time I’ve been to date.

The Baristas are a group of young guys that are a weird combination of hip young things with edgy haircuts and throwbacks that look to pay homage to Tom Cruise in Cocktail, circa 198x.

On going through today, the music was fairly modest, merely a recent Michael Jackson album – which those behind the counter still seemed to great with a little more gusto than it merited, in my opinion. However, I mentioned in a tweet a few weeks back, last time I went through they opted to crank out Def Leppard (which, I’m assured by people more groovy than I, are currently enjoying a renaissance – although I confess that I’m struggling a little with that conceptually).

Whilst I, like many others, rocked pretty hard to ‘Animal’ when I was about eight, it’s fair to say I haven’t heard it in a while – and I greeted it with a snort of derision. However, I was completely unprepared for the Baristas’ collective response, which was to meet the opening track’s strains with whoops, high volume vocals and throwing coffee cups/smoothie ingredients to each other across ever greater and more perilous arcs.

It was all a little Salvador Dali for me – up until the classic moment when ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ was let loose and even I had to crack a smile at that point.

Lunatics they may be – but I now make a point of going back every time in passing through (which seems to be pretty frequently at present) just to see what they’re up to.