I Have A Confession…

We’ve been out buying Harry Potter lego.
It’s all under the guise of being a parent of course and I do admit that I do have certain leanings towards ‘buying the set’ (which I haven’t done, I hasten to add here – although it took some restraint on my part) – but there is a genuine pleasure in finding something that enables one to engage on a completely level playing field with your child.

We’ve had lego before of course – I did write a post about it earlier this year (this is what my eldest daughter and I built whilst on holiday). Still, she’s a little older now and we can actually sit down to do it together, rather than me doing it and her watching. There’s alway a bit of a race for who can find the right piece first (usually not me) and we seem to have fallen into a pattern. It’s sort of how one hopes one’s relationship will be, sharing and collaborating on activities, as they get older i guess.

So, we’ve built both Hogwarts and ‘The Burrow’ (I know, I know). I’ve been told that if I’m good I may be able to get ‘Hagrids Hut’ for Christmas.