The Wrong Kind of Petrolhead

There are people within the Punch team that are petrolheads – the kind that tend to like car valves, exhausts and alloys a little more than is deemed normal by most people. I’m not one of them. To me, cars are something that get one from A to B with the minimum of hassle – and preferably in a bit of comfort if possible.

However, once a year, I get to be a petrolhead of a different kind. The kind that likes bonfires and blowing things up.

To be honest, I know that I’m not alone in this – quite a lot of my friends are the same, particularly the guys. Bonfire night has a magic for me that has not changed through the years. And, with the kids now around, I get to do it all legitimately.

In years past I have thrown the odd bonfire party. It’s usually me that’s lurking around, waiting to launch the next rocket. And indeed I confess that it has been known for me to throw petrol onto the odd fire in the vicinity on such an occasion.

I always get excited about bonfire night.

So, I’ve just been out and bought two pairs of ear defenders for the kids, a pair of ear muffs for the missus and a large box of artillery ‘for myself’ – which all makes for a rocking Friday night in my book.

I might even make a weekend of it.