London vs Munich Hotels

I’ve been out a couple of days on the trot this week, what with Christmas parties and the usual weekly travel. We had a late night Wednesday and an early start on Thursday so I thought I’d stay in London that night before heading to Heathrow later Thursday.

One of the Punch team found me a room – which, admittedly, was dirt cheap – that purported to be four star. I’m not normally prone to such diva-like action but for the first time ever I turned around and walked back out again. The tiles on the floor were cracked, the bedding looked mouldy and the wallpaper in the rooms was hanging off. London was extremely busy that night but we did manage to find somewhere near Paddington, which was where we were headed for the event that evening. It was not too bad – tiny rooms but relatively clean. Not one I’d recommend though. The wifi was £15 and the room was about £150.

Having landed in Munich last night, I have a room for a similar price which, by comparison is, frankly, palatial. It has a living area, a kitchen area and air conditioning that works. OK so wifi isn’t free here either (although I’ve found it usually is in most decent German hotels) and breakfast was on top of the room rate – but for me, it’s a huge eye opener in terms of the relatively poor standard, space aside, of hotels in London versus what can be had for the same price elsewhere.

Even having stayed in a decent hotel recently – St Martin’s Lane, last week, upwards of £300/night – there’s really little comparison.

When staying in Sweden it’s even more apparent – the hotels are clean, open, simple and relatively cheap.

It has to happen sometime I guess, but i’ll not be looking to stay over in London again any time soon, even if it involves a bit more travel and the odd expensive (early) train ticket.