Up Periscope

I’m emerging from the longest period of being away from work since we started the company in August 2003 – an unprecedented (almost) three weeks – and feel fantastic for it, particularly by comparison to how I have felt on returning from the Christmas break in previous years.

We took the week before Christmas off to go abroad, very fortuitously missing the winter snow and many, though not all, of the bugs that seemed to cut through the entire UK population – and landed late on December 23rd. A late night visit to M&S that evening saw us through to about Boxing Day and, apart from the odd social activity, mostly for my girls, I’ve not really surfaced.

Those that know me know that I do spend pretty much every waking moment online, so I’ve been extremely harsh with myself over the last few weeks and have limited access to email to virtually zero, with the odd exception of a personal mail which I was expecting and ensuring that armageddon hasn’t ensued whilst I was looking in the other direction. The result is that I feel hugely positive and able to deal with the notorious first day back – tomorrow – with relative ease.

So, just ploughing through a backlog of mail and tidying things up before we kick off 2011.