Holiday Packing

So, we’re heading away for a couple of weeks and there’s a growing disparity between the fact that when I go away I want to leave all worldly trappings behind for a while (possibly aside from my flip flops and a healthy stack of paperbacks) yet somehow the quantity of things we take with us has reached such a point that it’s all but impossible to fit it into a reasonably sized car, at either end. Do two adults and two kids really need four massive suitcases? Apparently so, although it really does defy logic.

We’ve also hit the point at which the cost of travel is the same as paying for four adults. That, coupled with the school holiday price increase means that what should be a fairly cheap and cheerful junket to Spain becomes a fairly serious investment.

One thing is sure though, whilst I may not have appreciated the value of holidays that much in the past, they have now become absolutely essential, both in terms of everyone spending unbroken time mucking about together and also to catch up on sleep and recharge.

Our holiday lego tradition continues to unfold. Subject to Amazon’s delivery – hopefully later today – we will be taking a new Belville lego set in my suitcase to surprise the girls with on arrival.

It’s pink, involved dogs and horses which, I suspect, should fit the bill.

To quote a friend: down periscope…