WordPress Confessional

Forgive me WordPress – it’s been several weeks since my last post, and I feel terribly guilty.

It’s true that things are a shade on the busy side, what with trips to Istanbul, Dubai, Sweden and Munich in the last few weeks, on top of recent visits to Moscow, Budapest, Athens and others – but obviously that’s no excuse. Nor can I fall back on the needs of our busy and growing agency, as we’re extolling the virtues of an integrated approach to PR, Search and Social Media.

No, the real villain here is my bookshelf, which I must admit I have become reacquainted with in recent weeks. You may not like it – but we have a long and cherished history and frankly I’m glad that we’re back together again.

Sure you’re important to me and yes, I still love you – but I’m afraid that my loyalties still lie with my beloved paperbacks. The fact that Amazon’s digital sales now outstrip the printed form, coupled with my innate inner geek, don’t sway me from the truth. Whilst I’m the first to admit that there’s a time and a place for digital – there’s also a time and a place for paper. Or rather paper books.

So, you’ll have to accept that if I do take my e-reader on holiday, it’s not for the purpose of sitting by the pool getting amongst the pages of a novel. I prefer instead to carry the five books that I chose to read whilst on holiday and enjoyed the experience all the more for it.

Despite all this, it would be fair of you to accuse me of neglect in recent weeks. I can assure you that you have been on my mind, but of course, that’s not enough.

So, WordPress, my goal is to continue to feed you with my thoughts as often as possible whilst also doing the same for myself. If I go a little quiet then it’s safe to assume that what I’m doing may well be to your benefit in the longer term. I hope you can live with that…