Never Let Me Go: Not A Comedy

I watched ‘Never Let Me Go’ last night, which I thought to be harrowing, provocative and highly thought provoking.

Although the plot and situation are clearly very different, I thought that the theme borrowed heavily from Blade Runner’s source material – the Philip K Dick book ‘Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep?’ – ie whether something artificial has the same value as something natural – specifically in terms of emotions and the soul. At the end I couldn’t help but compare the set up of whether Dekkard is really a replicant to the feeling of loss by the main characters in this film – and the guilt of the viewer.

I have been meaning to read the book as I’ve enjoyed a few Ishiguro novels, not least The Remains of The Day, of course. Not sure i feel i need to now – others look higher up the priority list.

However, if you can face it, I would strongly recommend this film as something that is genuinely life affirming and a piece of artistic entertainment.