Talking Nonsense Since …

Another month, another WordPress theme. This time however I’ve spent some time going through all of this blog’s content – this is post number 94, apparently – creating a range of new categories, tagging each post according to subject matter and integrating the categories as a means of navigation, both to the right in the category cloud and above, as a site-wide, horizontal navigation bar. I’ve also taken a bunch of the HTML snippets that were on the right and integrated them along the top as points of contact and refreshed some of the copy in various places.

So, I’ve had a bit of a play and am quite happy with the end result – I hope you agree (and if not, please tell me below). I’ve also finally managed to get around to moving the site across to, admittedly with a little help from a friend (thank you).

Whilst I’m under no illusion about the modest readership figures of this blog, it is a great playground to get to fiddle with WordPress in a meaningful way. I have had a fiddle with Tumblr recently too, out of both professional and personal curiosity, and whilst I love some of the more contemporary themes, I’m not wild about the interface and the servers keep dropping out. So, I’l stick with what I know.

On the subject of facelifts, I saw that Delicious – a service that I still use daily – has just relaunched, with some aesthetic tweaks and a little new functionality (Stacks, which seems like a cross between G+’s sparks and the categories that are used here). The new page design tells me that I set up my delicious feed on 27th March 2006 (when I recall, I also set up my Digg profile at the same time – a service that I no longer use and never really fell in love with, hence no link here).

So, I thought I’d do some investigation, to see exactly when I joined a couple of services – and was surprised by quite a few of the findings:

Twitter – 5th March, 2008 (found via this service)

WordPress – 22nd August, 2008

Facebook – 11th June, 2007 (found via Facebook’s new timeline functionality)

Delicious (& Digg) – 27th March 2006

LinkedIn – 14th May, 2004 and… – 21st July, 2003

So, there you have it. At some point I might investigate Friends Reunited, Bibsonomy, Magnolia, Bibsonomy, Posterous, Xing, Plaxo and the many others that have come and gone, in terms of my usage – but as a broad chronology, those services above, along with Instapaper, my current favourite for reading on the go, are a pretty good representation of my personal affair with social media to date.

It’s unsettling that I’m starting to think I looked quite young in the first Facebook photos that were posted – which says it all really.