December 21

Next Year, More Of The Same Would Be Just Fine…

2012 has clearly been an epic year to be British. I’m not someone who feels national pride under most circumstances – with the possible exception of rugby matches, and then I’m more confused about my heritage than anything else – but the combination of the jubilee and the phenomenal success of the Olympics has made it a great year to enjoy and remember.

For myself, I have had a huge year, both personally and professionally. I managed to make my new year resolution of gym attendance stick throughout the year – to such an extent that it has, at times, been a real challenge to balance exercise with work and life. At the risk of sounding irritatingly virtuous, despite my usual December lapses and indulgences, this year has been markedly different – with five visits to the gym this week alone, making the run up to Christmas considerably healthier than usual.

Professionally, things have moved on to another level. Whilst I’m always keen to ensure that we harbour no delusions of grandeur, the team now consists of 26 people and we have been working with a huge range of brands and businesses – including several global household names, including Sony and a major financial institution that I can’t name – on a variety of projects that is far more diverse than we may have imagined just a few years ago.

I’ve managed to keep reading throughout the year, which feels like a point of pride as it’s indicative of still finding some time, here and there, to be able to find a few minutes for myself.

Next year? I struggle to make plans as the one certain factor is that the year will undoubtedly evolve in a way that’s unexpected. However, I am well aware of fortunate it makes me to be able to say that I’d be delighted to end next year the same way that we’ve ended this one, which speaks volumes about 2012.