October 27

An Early Start

So, it’s that time of year again and after a brief hiatus in 2011, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to my colleagues to join me in having a crack at Movember, in aid of Prostate Cancer, obviously.

I have been sporting about ten days or so of beard until this morning and so decided to have a trial run with some alternatives to the handlebar – to see if I can improve on previous attempts. In short, if there was an event called Mocktober, I would have won hands down. It wasn’t what you might call “successful” and consequently I am clean shaven again, as is a must for the official start of Nov 1st.

Consequently, some things have become clear:

  • I don’t suit a moustache on it’s own – supporting facial hair is required (Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds and Sam Neill are clearly princes amongst men for being able to rock that look unaided).
  • My wife has a thing for Jason Lee and the drummer from the Killers. NB – it has to be said that there’s an uncanny resemblance:

Still, there’s much fun to be had. Apologies for the naked Ron Jeremy picture but I just had to post this article (10 Moustache Styles That Must Be Stopped) and this great vid…