November 08

Uncle Drew

I stumbled across the fact that it was the start of the new NBA season last week and have subsequently rekindled my love affair with basketball. In a matter of days, I’ve subscribed to the League Pass, seen more games than I have in ages, found that the date for the London-based game this season is actually on my 40th birthday in January and managed to grab a couple of tickets, following several hours of searching (as it was sold out in a matter of hours).

That all aside, it’s reminded me of one of my favourite video campaigns of the last year or so, which is the Uncle Drew series, sponsored by Pepsi Max but written and directed by Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving.

Episode three has just come out, featuring Denver Nuggets’ guard Nate Robinson and WNBA star Maya Moore. You really have to watch these videos in order though. So, first up, episode 1, featuring just Kyrie as Uncle Drew (note – look out for the 2 minute 45 mark):

Secondly, Kyrie and Minnesota Timberwolves’ giant star, Kevin Love as Wes:

And most recently, episode three, launched just a few weeks back:

Apparently there are at least a few more of these to come – and there’s some great behind the scenes footage.

Episode one is still my favourite but, whether you like basketball or not, it’s hard not to like any of them.

Warning – once you start watching, be prepared to lose the next 20 minutes to this…