November 24

Instagram, Finally

I’ve held off starting my own Instagram channel for a while.

Firstly, as a person, I’m far more interested in words than pictures, meaning I just don’t take that many (and I can’t bring myself to either photograph food or take selfies seriously).

Secondly, I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. I use Pinterest as though it’s a visually-oriented version of Delicious, capturing images rather than just links from around the web. But I only upload the occasional picture that I’ve taken to the web.

So, I finally settled on using Instagram as a microblog around a single theme – mini book reviews. This will be interesting as I haven’t used any of the social channels around a single theme as yet, so I’ll be watchng to see if it’s regarded any differently to those channels where the theme is more general.

I’m reading around a book a week at present, so I’ve just posted a few to start for now. Take a look here.